The Choices we make today Determines the Legacy we leave our Future Generation

Let’s all take care of the ONE PLANET we have

The Choses we make today Determines the Legacy we leave our Future Generation

Let’s all take care of the ONE PLAENT we have

The Choses we make today Determines the Legacy we leave our Future Generation

Let’s all take care of the ONE PLAENT we have


Thanks for stopping by let’s see how we can help you… Here you will find a one stop shop complete turnkey service for all aspects of renewables service, replacement, installations, or just general information.

Avoid unnecessary sales staff in your home. Investing in or maintaining renewables made easy with a relaxed approach, customer friendly and focused on complete customer satisfaction. All the information you need about renewable energy products are here.

Precautious For COVID-19

COVID-19 strict guidelines are followed in every aspect even taking away the need for sales staff in your home reducing the amount of connections with people. No salespeople are needed only the professionals that need to be at your home will ever visit you. Restrict the amount of people in your home by using GO RENEWABLES. All the information you need/want can be found on this website and provided remotely. All the basic checks, feasibility, determine best options are done remotely, once completed a guide price for any work is given so you know a ballpark cost before any commitment. All our partners follow the COVID-19 government guidelines at all times to protect lives. Each installation team, services provider, surveyor or any staff member visiting your property will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) also carry antibacterial cleaning products keeping everyone safe at all times.

GO RENEWABLES follow a basic simple proven formula collecting and providing information to reach a point of giving two professional comprehensive quotes from two quality established companies within the renewable energy industry. Each company will specialise in the product or service you are interested in being quoted for. Each partner company has been selected because they are of the highest standards for installation and customer care.



Heat Pumps

Solar PV

Battery Storage


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Go Renewables can give you lots of advantages, from which you will surely benefit.

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GO RENEWABLES is simply a service provider helping both domestic and commercial customers source all types of renewable energy information, services, products, surveyors, maintenance and installation companies only recommending excellent quality and value for money so the hard work has already been done. This bespoke service is kept simple you tell GO RENEWABLES what you are interested in you will then receive the information by email, phone and post.

All communication is remote the information provided and gathered will be processed until reaching a point that two formal comprehensive quotations will be presented along with complete details of the recommended partners. This will be from the two best companies suited to provide a package based around individual bespoke requirements and needs. Once you’ve received all the information and quotes and you are satisfied you decide who you place an order with.

This is a simple fast, friendly, informative, professional step by step service with customer satisfaction being our main goal. Customer disclaimer no payments are paid to GO RENEWABLES this is a free service without obligation. You will enter an agreement and pay the company direct, that you decide to place the order with. (Link basic payment terms agreed with all partners guide price list)

Here is a list of main renewable energy products and services that are available just select what interests you to receive more information.

  • Air Source Heat Pump
  • Ground Source Heat Pump
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Thermal
  • Battery Storage System
  • EV Car Charging Point
  • Replacement Inverters
  • Solar Edge
  • Under Floor Heating
  • EPC inspector
  • Surveyor service(heat pumps)
  • Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Funding option for hear pumps only
  • Solar PV Export
  • Why invest in renewable

About Go Renewables

GO RENEWABLES philosophy is all about providing the best bespoke suited solutions, packages and information on the right products and services for each individual customer. Then customers can decide if they want to place an order or not.

Price is always a key factor in any buying process understanding this all our partners are difficult to be beaten on price and quality of workmanship and expertise. GO RENEWABLES have done all the hard work for customers by narrowing down the massive list of UK companies to a small selected group of professionals within the renewable energy industry. The renewable businesses that GO RENEWABLES have partnered with all specialise in their own individual products, services, maintenance and more covering the wide range of products and services.

The world of renewables can be a difficult path to navigate when you are trying to find good value for money along with an excellent quality of service, installation, products, equipment with ongoing customer care that has all the guarantees and warranties you would expect.

GO RENEWABLES has created this one-stop turnkey service that provides only the best that the renewable energy industry offers. This service will provide you with all the information you need allowing you to decide if investing in renewables is right for you.

It’s simple really… GO RENEWABLES provides all the clear, simple, easy to follow step by step information that allows you to decide if you would like to buy.

You will find most of the energy-saving products available in the UK that can help reduce carbon emissions, save money, protect against ever-increasing energy bills and in some cases even create an additional income, they are available here.

GO RENEWABLES Group of Partners have a wide range of options on various renewable energy products, let’s start communicating so the information you would like can be provided.

Individual Approach

We use an individual approach to each client and we never offer you a set of standard green energy decisions.

Qualified Employers

Our friendly and professional team works daily to bring you the best renewable energy solutions, from solar panels to wind power stations.

24/7 Online Support

Our online support is available 24 hours a day to answer your every question and help you solve any issues you may have with our products.

Payment Methods

We provide a variety of payment methods that include Paypal, Visa/Mastercard/American Express and lots of others.

All partner companies are MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) government-accredited along with either HIES or RECC that provides a 10-year insurance backed warranty over and above the standard guarantees, warranties and service package each company offers. You may be thinking that by using GO RENEWABLES you will pay more for any of the services provided good news, this isn’t the case.

GO RENEWABLES are pleased to inform you that the end price should always be lower than other quotes for a number of reasons. By taking away the salesperson, cutting back on marketing costs, reducing travel costs, and negotiating the best possible deal on a bespoke basis the price should always be cheaper. Another reason why this service is worthwhile is that GO RENEWABLES only partner with the top quality companies that have a track record with us that complete working installations to the highest standards.

Why US?

All the companies that have become partners are established, independent, successful, experienced professionals in their chosen field of expertise within the renewable energy industry.

GO RENEWABLES will act as a consultancy (buffer) between the customer and selected service or installation provider (company) ensuring that the customer has value for money with the correct installation or service provided. Understanding what a complicated process it is picking the right company for the job… All the time, hassle and energy that people generally deal with finding a good company is all taken away. The end result will be a good job for a good price helped and guided every step of the way by experience and in-depth knowledge of the renewable energy industry that GO RENEWABLES offer and our partner companies.

Only dealing with the best of the best helping you save time, money, also preventing the mistake of investing in the wrong provider who lacks experience or could even be overpriced. All quotations from our partners come with a 28-day price match guarantee any like for like quote would be matched. It is unlikely that any quote provided from outside our group of partners will be beaten. Generally quotes from companies not associated with our group will be more expensive.

The quotes provided within our group have already been negotiated before it’s presented to you. By reducing the need for sales staff visiting your home along with associated costs gives us more flexibility on price that allows GO RENEWABLES to negotiate the best possible value for money for each customer.

GO RENEWABLES have many years experience within the fast-moving world of the renewable energy industry submerged in every aspect of the industry from enquiry to completion of installation and beyond. It’s time that the customer experience of buying renewables is made an easy one… GO RENEWABLES takes all the worry, hassle, confusion, time, energy and effort out of buying renewables contact us for more information.

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